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Even though both Prologue and Shokudo serve Japanese food, it's not advisable to match them collectively as they're of various idea. While Prologue highlights on Japanese ramen and donburi in Chinese language homestyle restaurant settings; Shokudo however, exudes Japanese canteen-like ambience with extra focused food selections - Japanese curry rice, udon and agemono.

Sungei Road Laksa was nearly to get really busy for the lunch crowd. This famous hawker stall inside a small meals middle was a preferred lunch vacation spot for many local workers to slurp on the goodness. Singaporean laksa is prepared in a smooth and mildly tangy seafood broth, and it was quite delicious and totally different from the Malaysian-model laksa that I tasted later on in our journey. My formal introduction to laksa didn’t last for lengthy and i shortly reached the bottom of the bowl earlier than the satisfaction set in.

After putting the noodles aside beat the eggs evenly with chopsticks. Add two tablespoons of peanut oil to the wok and pour within the eggs. Transfer the wok round, so the eggs coat the sides and don’t simply sit at the bottom.This will make sure the eggs are cooked evenly throughout. After two minutes, flip the egg over, and chop up the eggs with the spatula. Take away the eggs.

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