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Till you have an issue unlocking your door, the mechanics of how a door lock operates appear pretty straightforward. In reality, door locks are sophisticated, and they are vulnerable to jamming. When your lock is jammed, you’re extra prone to face frustration and safety issues. It takes longer to lock and unlock your door, and you can’t be certain if the door is totally locked. Since door locks have 16 shifting elements, fixing a jammed lock might be tough. If you end up frustrated, give Alford Protected & Lock in Baton Rouge a name, and we’ll be glad to unjam that lock for you. How Does a Lock Get Jammed? There are several inside and exterior elements that may cause your lock to jam. Something that may clog up or get stuck in your lock will jam it - like oil, rust, or a damaged key. Oil and rust can clog the lock mechanism’s shifting elements, which could cause your key to get caught or your handle not to turn. Broken keys pose an apparent threat to previously-working locks, rendering them useless until the important thing will be removed. Based mostly in your local weather conditions, freezing or humid environments can affect how your lock features. These circumstances trigger your door to swell or contract, misaligning your lock and inflicting a jam. Locks are more likely to jam when they're old, however your lock jamming will not be at all times a sign that it needs to be replaced. In case you efficiently unjam the lock, you’ve probably cleaned the lock to a level where it is going to continue working. If it repeatedly jams after you’ve fixed it, consider changing your lock. Traditionally, graphite was used in powder or spray kind to lubricate and fix jammed locks. In some climates, this tactic nonetheless works, but Louisiana is an infamously humid area. In humid situations, moisture may cause graphite to harden inside your lock. Oil-based lubricants like WD-forty could cause mud to collect inside the lock, so we wouldn’t recommend it to repair a jammed lock. Alford Safe & Lock suggests having Houdini Lock Lube readily available to repair a jammed lock. Simply spray a bit of into the lock, and it ought to open proper up. If lubricating the lock does not sufficiently unjam it, name the professionals at Alford Protected & Lock in Baton Rouge to return over and repair the jammed lock for you. Since 1946, Alford Secure & Lock has served as the premier locksmith in the Baton Rouge space. Residents and enterprise house owners alike trust us to maintain their belongings secure and safe. We are totally certified, insured, and licensed, so you possibly can make sure that we’ll get your lock mounted shortly and efficiently.